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Mamas Gun

This Is The Day


When I look over my shoulder
see a trail of broken dreams
Am I getting any closer
to where I wanna be
cos I never seem to catchup
no matter how I try
to the man I want to be
I'm always just one step behind

Now it feels like something
is about to change
I can feel it coming yeah
This is the day
When the sun shines brighter
than it did before
hear a voice inside ya
say whatcha waiting for
This is the day
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Feels like a new beginning
Gonna let this be day one
like yesterday is ending
and life has just begun
feels like the curse is lifted
all the sorrows and the rest
I've never felt so gifted no
I've never felt so blessed

Yeah I'm gonna take it
take it with both hands
gonna celebrate it
with everything I am
All my
life I waited
waited for this day
Maybe we won't ever
get this chance again

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